Diversity Scholarships Awarded

We are excited to announce the recipients of our first OpenVis Conf Diversity Scholarship. We want to thank everyone that applied for the time they took and the fantastic applications they put together. Unfortunately we could not award a scholarship to everyone, but we do wish you all the best in your journey in tech.

Our three recipients hail from across the country and beyond! We look forward to meeting them in person in Boston and hearing about the impact they will bring back to their respective communities and disciplines.

Ana Cecilia Castillo is a Guatemalan Technologist and community leader (girlsattech, nodebots Guatemala, GDG, JS) with a global perspective. She is a Software Developer at Elemental Geeks and a Teacher in two universities in Guatemala, Universidad Francisco MarroquĂ­n and Universidad Galileo.

Sarah Groff-Palermo is a designer, programmer, and artist. She likes books, data art, programming languages and robots with feelings. She is an alumna of the School for Poetic Computation and currently at Hacker School in New York.

Stephanie Migdalia Pi Herrera is a linguist turned web developer, originally from Miami, and currently based in Seattle. She is interested in data visualization as a storytelling tool for underrepresented issues and communities. In her spare time, she enjoys the Pacific Northwest outdoors and much much more.


Thank You CrowdStrike

In our original announcement, we said that Bocoup would be sponsoring two diversity scholarships. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of CrowdStrike, we were able to award one more! Thank you to CrowdStrike for coming on board as our first partner in providing diversity scholarships at OpenVis.