May 14th–16th
Paris, France

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We're really excited to start planning OpenVis Conf2018! Our call for speakers is now officially open. It's a short call, so get your submissions in quickly!

OpenVis Conf is a two-day single-track conference about the practice of data visualization on the Open Web. We bring together practitioners who share what they've learned through their successes and failures with the audience. Whether you're new to this field, or have been doing it for years - come be a part of our incredible speaker family! We have an FAQ here about submissions.

Our program is composed so speakers speakers who can talk about all aspects of creating data visualization for the Open Web: from data analysis and visualization basics to best practices and complex interactions. We have crowdsourced some ideas for topics here, please have a look.

Suggested submission topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Statistical methods for visualization
  • Data processing & analysis
  • Data sketching & process
  • Designing visual content
  • Storytelling
  • Core browser rendering technologies such as svg, canvas, webgl
  • Visualization libraries such as d3.js, p5.js, three.js, etc.
  • Mapping concepts & libraries
  • Architecture & data pipelines for vis
  • User interaction & design for visualization
  • Data visualization on mobile devices
  • Visualization in Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning visualization
  • Responsive design and data visualization
  • Crowdsourced ideas for 2018 here!

This call will be open until Monday, January 15th of 2018 at 11:59pm EST. Workshops, which will be held the day after the main conference, can be proposed here.

If you want to see the kinds of talks we've hosted so far, you can see the talks from last year here. And there's an FAQ about talk submissions as well.

If you are selected as a speaker, you will get a free conference ticket, and will be reimbursed for qualified travel/hotel expenses. You will be notified of your status around mid-February. Workshop presenters will receive a free registration to the conference. For submission questions, you can email us at

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At OpenVis Conf we believe that the Open Web is made better by a variety of perspectives. Our goal is to create a respectful, inclusive and friendly environment for all. We value diversity in the community we bring together, and we welcome your contributions to a balanced representation of the richness of our collective experience.